Troubleshooting Your Salesforce CRM Connection to Primer

There are a few common blockers in Salesforce to check for when troubleshooting field mapping, and other functions of your Salesforce connection to Primer.

Why Can't I Select Some Salesforce Fields to Filter by in Primer?

If you're building an audience and you're not seeing fields you have in Salesforce that you'd like to use as filters in Primer, there are a few common blockers in Salesforce to check for:


It's possible the Salesforce credentials you're using to link to your Primer account don't have access to that field/all fields in Salesforce. Go into your Salesforce account and check the settings for those Salesforce users to make sure they have been granted access to all fields.

Field Visibility

If your Salesforce user credentials check out, check the field itself in Salesforce to confirm it has proper Field Level Accessibility and Field Level Security (be sure to change those settings if your field is set to "Hidden" and/or "Read-Only")

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