Benchmarking Success

Ad Audiences

We have 4 keys ways to benchmark with the success of a Primer Ad Audience

Assessing primer match rates in ad platforms

Most platforms will use Match Rate as a proxy for audience quality and as a measure of success.

Step 1: Take a CSV of contacts and upload it directly to your ad account un-enhanced

Step 2: Take the same CSV, upload it to Primer and sync it to your ad account with Primer's ad profile enhancement

Step 3: Compare the match rates

Assessing primer audience metrics vs. native targeting in platform

The main alternative to a Primer audience is native audience targeting in ad platforms like LinkedIn, Meta, and Google

Step 1: Create campaign with native targeting for the audience criteria

Step 2: Duplicate the campaign and use the Primer audience instead of the native audience

Step 3: Compare the performance metrics of the two campaigns

Assessing primer’s impact on last-click form submit

While not a lot of B2B buyers last-click form submit from ad campaigns, it's still critical to measure.

Step 1: Make sure you have UTM parameter tracking set up

Step 2: Create ad campaigns that reference "Primer" in a UTM parameter

Step 3: Assess the UTM source of your form submits

Assessing Primer’s impact on view-through conversions & lift

More often than last-click form submission, prospects will see your ads and come to your website via organic search or direct traffic. With Primer, you can see which individual prospects are in your audience and then compare your audience composition with your inbound leads.

Step 1: Download a CSV of your audience from Primer

Step 2: Cross-reference your audience members with your sign-ups

Step 3: Assess the lift in conversions

You can measure the percent of leads who converted after being served an ad – whether they clicked on the ad or just viewed it – we call this audience cohort tracking. To calculate your conversion rate, simply look at the number of leads who were served your ad and the number of leads who signed up, regardless of the last source.

We always see a spike in direct signups when we increase our Facebook audience spend. There is a proven correlation and audience cohort tracking can measure it on an individual level.

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