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Syncing Your Audience

Syncing Audiences to Ad Platforms

You've applied the desired filters and you're ready to sync your audience to Facebook (Meta), Google, or LinkedIn and get your campaign live. Click 'Sync to Destinations' and check the desired ad platforms. If you haven't yet connected your ad platforms, you can navigate to the integrations page by clicking 'Settings' in the top right.
Once the desired destinations are selected, you can choose to sync to the destination once or set up a recurring sync at a cadence you choose on the right side of the screen. Click 'Sync Now' or 'Save Schedule' to complete the sync step!

Syncing Audiences to Salesforce

Interested in writing attributes to your Salesforce instance? Contact our Support team and our integrations specialists will walk you through setting up the write integration! Once set up, follow the same syncing steps above with Salesforce as the destination to push enrichments or source records directly to Salesforce.
Note that the self-serve Salesforce integration available in your settings is only able to read information from your Salesforce instance. Our team is happy to help you set up the integration to write back to Salesforce, it just requires a brief 30 minute call to walk through the steps together.