Audience Statuses

Note that you can filter your audience dashboard by status (and favorite your most commonly used audiences) to make Primer easier to navigate!

Draft Status

You can create and experiment with different audience filters even before you're ready to sync your audience to a final destination. When you apply filters, all changes will be auto-saved and the audience will enter a draft status.

The default name of the audience will be the date and time you created the audience unless you choose to edit the name. You can see what date and time the audience was last edited if the audience is in draft mode, the submitted time if the audience is in building mode, and the completed time if the audience is in completed mode.

Additionally, if you select to view the 'History' of the audience from the Audience Dashboard you can see a more detailed breakdown including the last edited date along with the user who last edited the audience.

Building Status

When an audience is completed and you hit Finish, the audience will go into a Building state. While completion times vary based on the filters applied while creating the audience, every audience should be delivered within 24 hours of submission. Is your audience taking longer than expected? Our Support team is here to help!

Audience Edits

If you'd like to edit an audience that has already been completed, you can simply select 'Edit' the audience from the Audience Dashboard. You will then be taken back to the Audience Creation page where you can edit your audience and sync it to any destination you choose.

Why is my audience in read-only mode?

You can only edit an audience request that is in the 'Draft', "Built" or "Synced "status. For changing audiences in the "Building" or "Syncing" status, archive your existing audience, duplicate your audience, make necessary edits and submit again.

How can I edit my audience request in "Built" or "Synced"?

Click on the 3 dots on your dashboard to find the archive, duplicate and edit options.

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