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LinkedIn Ads

Primer boosts match rate to the highest possible levels on LinkedIn and keeps them continuously updated.

Getting Started

Primer gives you the ability to create higher match rate audiences on the Facebooks Ads platform. These audiences can be used across Facebook and Instagram ad placements.
Please see our section on connecting your ad platforms if you need assistance setting up your integration.
Primer creates a contact audience in LinkedIn from your people audience.
LinkedIn has the smallest minimums among all of the ad platforms. Audiences as small as 300 contacts can still serve. On LinkedIn, bigger is not always better, and there is an upper limit of 300,000 contacts per audience.

Assessing Match Rate

LinkedIn has by far the most granular and accurate reporting on audience size and match rate.
Go to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and navigate to your Account Assets —> Matched Audiences
It takes up to 48 hours for a LinkedIn audience to fully match.