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High Match Rate Audiences on the Facebooks Ads Platform

Primer gives you the ability to create high match rate Facebook custom audiences.

Getting Started

These audiences can be used across Facebook and Instagram ad placements.
Please see our section on connecting your ad platforms if you need assistance setting up your integration.
Facebook prefers an overabundance of data. It provides an advantage for their algorithm, which identifies those users most likely to act in accordance with your campaign objective. Their minimum audience size requirement is meant to protect the privacy of the audience members, reducing the likelihood of identifying individuals via Facebook pixels or their actions on ads.
Based on extensive testing, we recommend the following audience sizes:
Awareness building for outbound
>5,000 users
Direct-response, last-click conversion
>30,000 users
>500 users
Check out our Facebook Intro for B2B Marketers for a more extensive breakdown of how to best leverage Primer audiences within Facebook