Running Ads to Active Email Outbound Prospects

Play Objective: Increase the reach of desired messaging to qualified prospects currently being served email via outbound efforts.

Required Tools/Permissions: N/A

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 - 25 minutes

Step 1: Gather a list of current outbound prospects

This list can exist either in 1). a CSV or 2). a campaign in your CRM.

Primer connects to Salesforce using a Read-Write integration. Ensure you have successfully connected your Salesforce instance with Primer. With this integration, you can layer on the ability to update or create both Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

Assign an Object to a Campaign in SFDC
  1. Open Process Builder:

    1. Salesforce Classic: Setup -> Create -> Workflows & Approvals -> Process Builder

    2. Lightning Experience: Gear icon -> Setup -> Platform Tools -> Process Automation -> Process Builder

  2. Click New -> Enter Process Name. Then click Save.

  3. Click Add Object. Select Lead.

  4. Select when you need to start the process: only when a record is created or when a record is created or edited.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Set criteria:

    1. Enter a Criteria Name (something like Attach Lead to Campaign).

    2. Criteria for Executing Actions: Enter the Conditions that must be met for the lead to be added to the campaign if any, otherwise select No criteria—just execute the actions! Click Save.

  7. Add Immediate Actions:

    1. Select the Create a Record Action Type.

    2. Enter an Action Name.

    3. Select Record Type: Campaign Member.

    4. Set Field Values:

Campaign Id: 15–18 digit Id of the Campaign.

Note: You find the Id in the URL of the campaign record, 15-digit when you are in Classic and 18-digit when you are in the Lightning interface.

Lead Id (Type: Reference): [Lead].Id

Note: No need to set criteria for any other fields unless they’re required in the Campaign Member records.

  1. Save and activate the process.

Step 2: Build your audience

From here, you can 1). Import audience via CSV or if the audience lives in your CRM (or an existing Primer audience), you can select it here.

Step 3: Sync to ad platforms

Once you’ve uploaded your list or selected your prior built audience, navigate to the destinations tab and select your desired platform for paid ads.

Step 4: Launch with custom creative

Because you hand-selected prospects you’re serving ads to up front, you have the latitude to make your creatives as specific as possible. Beyond providing ad network matching data, Primer also enriches your leads with data from 12+ vendors.

Richer data enables richer creatives. Here’s an ad we ran to founders and marketers at Series B+ startups, the specific ICP we were looking to target:

Aim to hit these decision-makers on multiple channels so you can build awareness and consideration for your product in parallel to sales outreach.

Expected Results

  • Increased conversion rates on outbound – Positive reply rates increase when a prospect recognizes your name, especially if you can hit them on multiple ad platforms at once.

  • Maximized ad spend – Budget is limited. Focus your ad spend on those most qualified leads (i.e ones that your sales reps are spending time on) and target them through multiple channels to increase conversion rate.

  • Easier to measure ROI: Last-click conversions are hard to come by for most B2B products. But ads help. Measuring ads' exact lift/impact is almost impossible if you don’t know exactly who goes into your audience.

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