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Omnichannel ABM Audiences

To effectively implement ABM in Primer, it's crucial to create three distinct types of audiences: Buzz-Building Audiences, Outbound Audiences, and Funnel Conversion Audiences.

In this guide, we'll break down each audience type and provide actionable insights for B2B marketers looking to supercharge their ABM strategy.

1. TOFU: Buzz-Building Audiences

Objective: Increase awareness and familiarity, influence decision makers, and build affinity for your product and brand.

When creating Buzz Building Audiences, your primary goal is to generate consideration and demand within your target accounts. Here's how to do it effectively:

Key Points:

  • Audience Size: Bigger audiences tend to perform better, especially on platforms like Google and Facebook. Aim to reach all potential decision-makers within your target accounts.
  • Title Targeting: Target not only top-level executives but also key departments within your accounts. Don't focus solely on seniority; instead, go broad with your titles.
  • Platform Sync: Synchronize these audiences with platforms like Meta, Google, and LinkedIn for maximum reach.

2. MOFU: Outbound Audiences

Objective: Arm your sales team with the right contacts to pursue outbound strategies within your key target accounts.

Outbound Audiences are all about enabling your sales team to reach out to contacts effectively. Here's how to create these audiences:

Key Points:

  • Audience Size: Keep these audiences small and highly focused on senior-level contacts. Sales should concentrate on decision-makers.
  • Title Focus: Use titles that reflect seniority, such as Director or VP-level and above.
  • Data Enrichment: Ensure your audiences include work emails and direct phone numbers, making them "outbound ready."
  • Platform Options: Export these audiences as a CSV and import into your CRM or sync them via the Salesforce integration for seamless sales activation.

3. BOFU: Funnel Conversion Audiences

Objective: Nurturing leads down the sales funnel and maximizing ROI.

Funnel Conversion Audiences help you nurture leads through the sales funnel efficiently. Here's how to build and use these audiences effectively:

Key Points:

  • Segmentation: Utilize your account list and Salesforce filters to create audiences that correspond to different stages of your funnel.
  • Budget Allocation: Allocate extra budget to Funnel Conversion Audiences as they are further down the funnel and represent valuable prospects.
  • Influencer Audiences: Consider building audiences targeting influencers within target accounts, such as finance, legal, and procurement departments.
  • Platform Selection: Sync these audiences to platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, depending on their size and reach.

By combining these three types of audiences, you can implement a comprehensive ABM strategy that maximizes your outreach and empowers your sales team. Remember to continually refine and adapt your audiences as your ABM campaigns evolve. With Primer, you have the tools to surround your target accounts, engage them through major ad channels, and nurture them through the sales funnel effectively.