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Welcome to Primer!

In today's competitive landscape, every dollar counts. You're investing in reaching your target audience, but are you sure you're hitting the mark? The pain of wasting money on the wrong people is all too real.
Enter Primer: we're here to help you target the right people with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that your marketing efforts yield the best results.
Primer is designed to help you activate your marketing strategy like never before:
1. Target Your Audiences on Key Channels: Primer enables you to extend your reach across crucial platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, boasting leading match rates that ensure you're connecting with the right individuals.
2. Tailor-Made Audiences: Craft custom audiences effortlessly. With Primer, you can build lists based on your target accounts, specific segments of your ICP, or stages of your funnel.
3. Enhanced Outreach: We're all about supercharging your outreach. Primer helps you enrich your audiences with more verified work emails and phone numbers and even source net new people.
4. Seamless Data Integration: Syncing data into your CRM has never been easier. Primer streamlines this process, allowing you to effortlessly manage and access your valuable audience data across Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.
Wondering how we do it? We understand that no data provider has 100% coverage, but Primer has a unique approach. We stack enrichment sources together to achieve higher fill rates. These higher fill rates mean you can connect with more of the right people within your ICP.
The best part? Primer lets you seamlessly sync these carefully curated audiences to your paid social channels and CRM, ensuring that your marketing efforts are as effective and efficient as possible.
With Primer, you'll transform your marketing strategy, maximize your ROI, and stop wasting resources on the wrong audience. Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to precision in your outreach.