Building Email Outbound Lists from Ad Audiences

Play Objective: Provide a more 1:1 approach via email to prospects who receive your ad creative on paid media platforms.
Required Tools/Permissions: N/A
Estimated Time for Completion: 20 - 25 minutes

Determine which ad audience should receive email outbound

Step 1. Locate your ad audience

Locate your audience build from the 'Audiences' tab in Primer.

Step 2. Select your destination(s)

Select CSV Export as your desired destination.

Step 3. Upload into your Sales Automation Platform

Once you export your Primer audience as a CSV, the next step is to upload the list into your Sales Automation Platform (prefer Outreach or Salesloft).

Step 4: Outbound Best Practices

  • Always understand deliverability, both from a domain and individual sender perspective prior to launching Outbound campaigns.
  • When in doubt - shrink your audience, grow impact.
  • Personalize, personalize, personalize. Leverage in-tech “merge tags”, “variables” and custom ones to craft unique messages for your audience(s).
  • Focusing on hyper-personalization essentially completes two tasks by not only optimizing your deliverability but helping garner greater attention, leading to substantial (and frequent) conversions.
  • We find that 'Opens' are often unreliable and should be used as more of guideline to your subject line’s impact vs. a success metric of a send/campaign. We recommend focusing measurement efforts on 'Replies'.
  • A/B test everything and find out what really “converts” even if it takes you months based on the size of your audience.
  • Focus your CTAs for a response vs. an action.
  • Intertwine sales process into your outbound campaigns to make the most of your campaigns.
  • Above all, keep a consistent voice and avoid clutter.