Explore FAQ's about requesting, building and syncing audiences through Primer.

Audience States

For more information on Audience States, please see this section.
  • Why is my audience in read-only mode? How can I edit my audience request?
    • You can only edit an audience request that is in the 'Draft', 'Completed' or 'Synced' status. For changing audiences in the "Submitted", "Building", "Fix Error", or "Synced" status, archive your existing audience, duplicate your audience, make necessary edits and submit again.
  • How can I edit my audience request?
    • Click on the 3 dots on your dashboard to find the archive, duplicate and edit options.
  • I see a "Fix Error" status in Primer. How do I proceed?
    • Primer has encountered an error while building your audience. Our team is actively working on resolving the issue. We will reach out to you shortly with an update on the resolution.
  • Why can't I edit my audience name?
    • You can only edit your audience name while it is in the 'Draft' state.

Submitting an Audience Request

  • Can I “include” contacts or leads from a CSV or CRM list import to further enrich them through Primer?
    • We currently do not have the capacity to “include” People Lists in the product. Please reach out to us via Slack or Intercom with a relevant CSV and we can provide you with an enriched list within 72 hours.
  • What should be the format for values in the location filter? For example, should it be "United States" or "US"?
    • You can enter the full name or the abbreviations. For example, United States, US, United States of America, USA are all acceptable forms.
  • Can Primer enrich my leads based on work email addresses without company domains?
    • No, we require first, last, and company domain fields to enrich your People.
  • Where can I find my Contact and Lead objects from my CRM for filtering in Primer?
    • You should have your Contact or Lead objects exposed in the people section of audience creation.

Syncing Audiences to Ad destinations

  • Can I send audiences to Ad platforms via Primer without Ad profile enrichment?
    • No. All audiences sent to ad destinations via Primer are automatically enriched with Ad profile data.
  • How long after an Ad audience is marked 'Complete' in Primer can I expect to see it in my ad destination?
    • You should be able to view the ad audience within 24-48 hours after it is marked completed in Primer.


  • What are credits used for?
    • Credits are only used when you are enhancing an audience with people-level contact criteria. This includes work email, direct dial phone numbers, ad profile data, and personal mailing addresses. Credits are not consumed when you enhance company audiences with company-level criteria such as funding total, headcount, or investors.
  • Where can I see how many credits I have?
    • The Primer CSM team will keep you abreast of your credit balance each month. Additionally, for any audiences that will consume a large portion of your remaining credits, Primer will proactively reach out and confirm the audience is approved. We encourage experimentation and want to always be in conversation with you about how you can best utilize your credits so they do not hold you back from creating the audiences you want.

Audience Output

  • What is this extra data in my CSV output?
    • When you sync audiences to your CRM, we put controls in place to ensure that records are only created or updated with the fields that you require. However, with CSV deliveries, we include all the data returned from the selected providers when building the audience. You are not charged for that extra data.