Enhancement Data Sets

Primer offers enhancement attributes across 5 major categories of data:
  • Company & Contact Data
  • Firmographics
  • Tech Stack
  • Funding
  • Growth
Enhancements provide additional data on your filtered audience. Think of it as adding more columns to a spreadsheet. The option to choose Attributes appears when selecting any CRM or CSV destination in Primer
For example, Funding data can unlock segmentation and has a wide-reaching impact. This data allows you to analyze inbound leads and decide whether you’re generating the right type of prospect. It also allows you to personalize outbound messaging and nurture drips to better contextualize your product to the financing stage of the company you’re serving.
Having a prospect attribute for Funding Type would give you context on how to position your product against the prospect’s needs. At Primer, our core buyer works at a Series B, C, or D company, and a field attribute for Funding Type changes how we position ourselves to prospects.