Google Cloud Storage

This page describes how to use Primer with Google Cloud Storage.

Step 1: Create a Google Cloud Storage Connection

Instead of going through an OAuth connection flow, we provide you a Google Identity address to which you grant Storage Object permissions.
Send the name of the GCS bucket (e.g. "donny-demo-bucket") you have created to [email protected]
Primer's Technical Solutions Architect will send you a set of credentials (i.e. a unique key) from our partner Census to paste into your GCS bucket permissions.

Step 2: Grant Access to GCS

  • Now head to the Google Cloud Storage bucket that you want to sync to, and click into that bucket's details.
  • Click the Permissions tab on the Bucket, then click "Add Permissions".
  • Paste the credentials we sent you in the New Principals portion and select "Storage Object Admin."
  • Click save to save the permission.
  • Email us back when this is complete.

Step 3: Set up the first sync

The sync will move data from your Primer instance to your GCS bucket. In this step, you'll define how that will work with our Technical Solutions Architect.
By default, Primer GCP syncs mirror your data inside of Primer. You do have the ability to pick and choose which properties you would like synced and mirrored. will be automatically selected. This is the only supported sync behavior for GCS.
  • New CSV files synced to the GCS bucket will reflect the date and time of the sync.
  • Currently, the connector only supports syncing for files up to 5GB.
  • Data arrives in one file to the designated bucket and file path.
  • Files are written as a CSV with headers.