Audience Estimates

In Primer 2.0 , the Audience Estimates are found in the top right side of the audience that you're building. Refer the image below to know where.

When you start applying filters to create your audience, you will notice an estimation appear in the bottom left corner of your screen.

This will help you gauge the number of both companies and people (if applicable) within the audience based on the filters selected. Estimates include company exclusions but not people exclusions if those are part of your audience criteria.

As you apply and remove filters, the estimate will change dynamically.

No matter what filters you apply, the maximum audience size you can create within Primer is capped at 3,000,000 (both for companies and for people). This will be surfaced at the bottom of the screen and you will not be able to select to 'Finish' the audience until you've pared your audience down below 3m.

If your goal audience contains more than 100k records, the best practice is to create smaller sub-audiences with the same core criteria broken into Headcount segments.

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