Salesforce Data Ingestion

Primer lets you use almost every field in Salesforce as a filter to build your audiences. Understanding how we ingest those fields is key.

  • We use the bulk API to ingest Salesforce data.

  • The initial ingestion can take some time, and during this period, Salesforce filters may not be usable.

Ingestion Rate: 400,000 records per hour. Example: 100K accounts + 300K contacts + 300K leads + 50K opportunities + 10K campaigns + 40K campaign members = 800K records = 2 hours to ingest

  • We cannot set a max consumption threshold on the API, but if you're interested in requesting this feature, please let us know.

  • After the initial ingestion, our approach is incremental. If we hit the threshold and the sync stops, it will resume from where it left off.

Salesforce Object Match Rate

When importing records from Salesforce into Primer, we need to match your Salesforce records to our Primer databse to ensure a consistent match rate to ad platforms. The "object match rate" refers to our ability to confidently match an account, contact, or lead object to an existing record in our repository. Because we "pre-match" Salesforce to our database, whenever you build an audience in Primer, that audience is much more likely to achieve a good match rate in ad platforms like Google, Meta, and LinkedIn.

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