Track Primer Accounts in Hubspot

In order to create and update new records, Primer needs to be provisioned as a user inside your Hubspot instance.

Where to Start

Hubspot Permissions

The objects and fields accessible to Primer are all determined by the permissions you set on the user account you provide to Primer. Ideally, the connecting HubSpot account should have Super Admin permissions in order to access all supported HubSpot objects.
If you are providing limited permissions and still want to connect Hubspot to Primer, please see the required permissions below:

CRM Access

Access to Contacts and CRM bulk imports with the following permissions enabled below:

CRM Tools

Please enable "Import" and "Edit property settings”:

App Marketplace

Toggle the switch on to grant the user the ability to install apps from the HubSpot Marketplace. Users with this permission will be able to install apps from third-party websites as well as email.

Initial Set Up In Hubspot

Objective: Track which records in Hubspot have come from Primer

  1. 1.
    Create a new Object in Hubspot and select it from the Primer Integrations page once sync’d
  2. 2.
    Populate a ‘Play’ object on all Audiences that will be synced to your CRM from Primer if you want to route specific audiences into specific email campaigns
  3. 3.
    Use an existing Hubspot property (e.g. Source) and create a new value called “Primer”

Reviewing Records in Hubspot

Hubspot Resources