Routing Salesforce Data into Outreach

To import from Salesforce into Outreach, you will need to Download the Outreach Chrome Extension


The purpose of this article is to provide direction to Outreach Admins regarding importing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts from Salesforce Lightning to Outreach.
Using the Chrome Extension, you’ll be able to import leads and contacts as one-offs, in bulk from the list view, and click to call. In addition, users will be able to better interact with Accounts.

Import Individuals from the Lead/Contact Profile

Leads and contacts can be imported from the primary Lead/Contact Overview page. In order to import a Lead or Contact you can click either the Outreach silhouette next to the lead’s name or open the side panel of the Outreach chrome extension.
The extension will indicate that the prospect has not yet been pulled into Outreach and ask if you want to pull them into the platform. Once confirmed, a new prospect will be created in Outreach. If the prospect already exists, the extension will pull up the existing prospect profile:

Import Individual Leads/Contacts from the List View

Note: This route is best used for smaller, one-off imports

From the list view, you’ll notice that leads and contacts are decorated with Outreach symbols, including a silhouette next to the lead or contact name. When in the list view, the extension will automatically bring up the first prospect in the list. If the prospect does not yet exist in Outreach, the chrome extension will scrape information available from the filtered view and ask if you want to import the lead/contact as a new prospect in Outreach. You can click the silhouette on any prospect to repeat this action from anywhere in the list view.

Import Multiple Leads/Contacts from the List View

You can easily import multiple leads or contacts into Outreach by clicking the checkbox next to the lead/contact name. Once you’ve selected the individuals for import, click on the “Import to Outreach” button on the top right-hand side of the page. Once complete, the extension will bring you into the list of newly imported prospects so you can easily add the prospects to a sequence, create a bulk compose an email, create a task, or bulk edit.
If you do not have checkboxes next to the lead/contact list due to permissions settings in Salesforce, the “Import to Outreach” button will scrape the page and bring all leads/contacts visible in the list view into the Outreach platform as prospects.

Importing Accounts

Accounts can also be pulled into Outreach with the Chrome extension. From the account, click on the Outreach silhouette next to the account name or pull up the extension side panel. Outreach will let you know if the account exists and if not already on the platform, will allow you to create a new account.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to your Salesforce instance and click on the “Accounts” tab
  2. 2.
    Choose your desired account.
3. Open up the Outreach side panel (can be accomplished by clicking the Chrome extension in the browser

List View Account Import

Similar to the lead and contact list view, accounts can be pulled in from the account list view. You'll notice that the Outreach extension automatically asks to pull in the first account on the list, or shows the existing account's information. You can rotate through the Accounts visible in the list view by clicking on the Outreach silhouette next to the Account name to easily import multiple accounts from the same page.

Importing Contacts into Outreach from the Account View

If you work primarily from the account page in the Lightning experience, you can find the contact list in the account view and import the contacts into Outreach using the same method: Click on the Outreach silhouette next to the contact in the account and confirm the contact creation.

Outreach Best Practices

Supercharge Your Outbound with Primer

Once you have begun to route data from Salesforce into Outreach, Primer makes it easy to quickly set up a continuous campaign with hyper-targeted, high-converting audiences and automatically push high-quality leads to your sales reps for outreach.
For more information on how to execute, refer to our Training Guide on Activating Primer for Outbound.