Primer boosts match rate to the highest possible levels on LinkedIn and keeps them continuously updated.

Connecting LinkedIn

Connecting your various Ad Platforms can be done quickly and easily within Primer's Integrations page. From the Integrations page within Primer, select the platform(s) you'd like to connect to.
When you select 'Connect Account' you will be taken through the process of logging in and oAuthing a connection between that ad account and Primer. Once connected, you'll be able to see your Account information and a 'Completed' status, indicating the connection was successful.
NOTE: Primer creates Contact Matched Audiences. If you would like sync over Company Matched Audiences, please contact our CS team.
LinkedIn has the smallest minimums among all of the ad platforms. Audiences as small as 300 contacts can still serve in LinkedIn. In LinkedIn, bigger is not always better and there is an upper limit of about 20,000 contacts per audience. Check out this section for recommended sizes based in audience goals:

Assessing Match Rate

LinkedIn loves a Matched Audience upload and has by far the most granular and accurate reporting on audience size and match rate.
Go to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and navigate to your Account Assets —> Matched Audiences
It takes up to 48 hours for LinkedIn audience to fully match
Search for your “enhanced” audience. You’ll notice that the Enhanced Audiences always have a >90% match rate, which is anywhere from 10-30% better than a typical CSV based upload into LinkedIn.
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