Step 3: Reach

Your audience is synced over, now what?
Your audience will populate in different areas depending on which destination you select when you've completed building your audience.

CSV Delivery

If you are still testing out an audience and want to check out the composition before syncing it to your CRM or Ad Platform, a CSV delivery is a great place to start.
When you select CSV delivery you will be able to download the CSV directly from your Audience Dashboard upon the completion of the audience being built.

Ad Platforms

When you select to send your audience to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or LinkedIn Ads, the audience will seamlessly sync into those platforms and show up as a custom audience. This can take a few hours up to a full business day, depending on the size of the audience.
Once the audience has finished building within your Ad Platform, you will be able to set a budget, apply creative, edit your audience settings, and launch your ad campaigns. For more information on each platform, check out these destination guides below:

CRM Sync

Syncing your audiences to your CRM is one of the best ways to see the value of the automation capabilities that Primer has. One prerequisite of syncing audiences to your CRM is a technical on-boarding between Primer's Technical Solutions Architect and your internal technical stakeholder. During this call, we will ensure we fully understand the way you want the Primer sourced and enriched data to flow into your CRM. After that call, we will create a personalized sync model that will send the data from audiences you create into your CRM on a regular schedule.
Check out our destinations guides on Salesforce and Hubspot for more details on those two CRMs. We also have the capability to send to other sources of record like Marketo, Google Sheets, or an S3 Bucket.